Are your day-to-day office processes reliant on paper? Xerox ConnectKey technology can help you to say goodbye to the filing cabinets and enter a new era of order and efficiency.

Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers (MFPs) give you all the tools you need for maximum printing productivity. With ConnectKey you can print from your smartphone or tablet directly from the cloud. It’s also a powerful scanning tool that can help to clear the paper off of your desk and onto the cloud or into digital folders. Digital documents are easily searchable and retrievable with a simple mouse click from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection.

Here are four ways ConnectKey can help you to enter the paperless age, organizing your information and freeing your time to focus on your business.

  1. Scan to the Cloud– ConnectKey enabled MFPs let you scan directly to the cloud with a simple app found in the app gallery. Organize, share, and deliver documents via DropBox, Box, and Google Drive directly from the printer.
  2. Scan From Wherever You Are – With the Xerox Mobile Link app you’ll have a powerful scanner right in your pocket! You can configure jobs and initiate them directly from your phone or tablet. You can even capture images from your smartphone from the road.
  3. Scan to Searchable PDF– Searchable PDF files mean that the invoice you scanned two months ago is easily retrievable no matter where it’s located on your hard drive or network. No data entry means hours saved and one less piece of paper to file.
  4. Scan to an Editable File – Imagine you have an old manual that needs updating, but no digital file exists. How can you make that information usable without spending hours manually inputting and formatting text? With optional software you can simply scan the pages using the convert option to create an editable Microsoft Word document.

ConnectKey technology makes it easy to get organized. You can share, edit, store, collaborate, deliver and search for data giving your paper documents a new lease on life. Get rid of the clutter and get organized with ConnectKey technology from Xerox. Give us a call and we’ll show you how you can reduce your reliance on paper!