If you still envision office printing the way it was done a decade ago – people sitting at their desks, occasionally walking over to the printer down the hall – then this statistic may surprise you:

According to a recent IDC report, 75 percent of North America’s workforce was mobile in 2010 – and that was five years ago, at the dawn of the wide adoption of smartphones and tablets.

Today, mobile printing is not only accepted, it’s expected. Users want to create and print documents from any offsite location – from home, to tradeshows, to customer worksites – that’s Internet-enabled.

A Managed Print Provider can implement a mobile print solution with minimal IT time and resources:

  • Most mobile print solutions alleviate the need for managing applications for specific devices or unique print drivers.
  • A high level of security is built into most systems eliminating the need to deal with third party software.

For mobile users (and they are many; according to iPass, 91% of mobile workers use their devices for work) the questions concern accessibility and the user experience:

  • “Will I be able to print right from my smartphone?”
  • “What devices support my needs?”
  • “What about scanning and sharing documents?”
  • “Can I be sure my information is kept safe?”

For business managers in an increasingly resource-conscious work environment, the bottom-line question remains: Can we afford this?

Managed Print Service (MPS) provider has the reach and the resources to help build and maintain a secure, efficient mobile print environment within your budget. Talk to an MPS provider today to see how mobile printing can deliver better productivity for an increasingly remote workforce.