Workflow is the buzzword of the day: workflow optimization, document management workflows, automating workflows…but the truth is, many businesses do need to improve their workflows in order to grow and thrive in today’s competitive market.

Workflow means different things to different businesses. For some it may be a document management system, for others optimization of an assembly line. Let’s use a workflow common to every business as an example: Accounts Payable. Here’s how automation can improve efficiency.


XYZ is a local coffee house with three locations in the city. They sell a lot of coffee, pastries and snacks, but still process AP manually in the head office. The CFO spends most of his day bogged down with paper. He’s got an MBA and plenty of ideas about how to grow the business, but managing all that paper is wasting time that could be better spent on core business initiatives.

The Current AP Process:

All AP documents (delivery invoices, receipts etc.) for each location must be sent to corporate. Right now the process is:

  • Invoice is scanned at location
  • Emailed to corporate
  • Finance prints it out
  • Completes and enters the information into the system
  • Re-scans the invoice as a pdf
  • Saves a copy for records
  • Pays the vendor
  • Manually enters the transaction into the books

Too many complex, time consuming steps. Not only that, this process opens XYZ up to risks of human error and security breach. If an error is made the process must start over. An invoice left in the scanner can put confidential vendor information at risk.

Improve the Process

With a simple automated AP solution the process can be streamlined to save time, money and reduce risks.

  • Invoice is scanned at location directly into AP workflow
  • Invoice is digitally process and approved
  • Payment is sent and info automatically entered into the accounting system.

That’s it! No more multiple scanning, printing, and manual entry. Just scan the invoice once directly into the workflow, hit a button for payment and you’re done.

This is just a single workflow. Imagine the time you can save automating multiple workflows. Time that can be better spent on core business initiatives to grow your company’s bottom line. Want to learn more? Give us a call and let us show you the benefits of workflow optimization!

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