Transitioning to the Paperless Office

Remember the 90s when we were promised the paperless office? Well, many businesses today are still drowning in paper. It’s used in almost every business function, every day. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Digital documents mean reduced paper use, they’re easy to store, send and collaborate on, they’re searchable and more versatile than paper.

Here are some of the benefits of the paperless office, and some tips on how to transition your office.

The Benefits of Going Paperless

Going paperless can deliver many benefits including bottom line savings. Here are some reasons going paperless makes sense!

Reduce Clutter – Less paper in the office means less clutter. A clean office can help your team better focus on the task at hand.
Provide Faster Document Access – Documents can be recalled with a few mouse clicks and are searchable making them easy to find.
Simplify Disaster Recovery – Digital files make information easier to store and protect. That makes recovery after any disaster faster and easier.
Sustainability – Using less paper and toner is good for the environment.
Speed Up Approvals – Digital documents are easy to deliver and approvals can be automated to deliver documents directly to an email address or desktop.

Making the Transition

Transitioning to a paperless office won’t happen overnight. Simple steps can reduce your consumables use, improve workflows, increase productivity and lower your costs.

Calculate Potential Savings – Track all print-related expenses including printer usage, paper, repairs, storage and tech support to find out how much you’ll save.
Move Applications to the Cloud – For example, use Google Docs for word processing, Dropbox to share files and PayPal to pay bills and transfer funds.
Scan Paperwork and […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity During Business Travel

The average employee takes 12 business trips a year. That’s a lot of time spent on the road, and it can wreak havoc on an employee’s ability to be productive.

Fortunately, there are several best practices that you can implement to maximize your productivity while travelling for business:

Digitalize documents. Before leaving town, determine which documents you’ll need while on the road. You can then make life easier for yourself by scanning these documents to the cloud. By digitizing documents, you and your team can securely access this information from any location using collaboration tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Office365. Digitalizing documents also saves you the hassle of having to keep track of a pile of papers while on the go.

Set yourself up for a productive mobile office. Consider all of the equipment that is necessary for you to have a productive mobile office, such as your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. You’ll also need to take into account all of the supporting equipment to keep your technology in operation, such as cables, chargers, batteries, and any other essentials that your devices rely on. If you travel frequently for work, it’s a good idea to keep a backup of each item in your suitcase.

Power up before hitting the road. Ensuring that all of your devices have a full charge before leaving town will eliminate the headache of trying to find an outlet while at the airport. Always take advantage of opportunities to charge your devices while on the go.

Choose a business-friendly hotel. Choose a hotel that offers business-friendly amenities such as free Wi-Fi in the room, a spacious workspace, and an onsite business centre with access to a printer. The Xerox Mobile […]

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Tips to Keep Your Resolutions This Year

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Cut Costs With Creative Scanning Solutions

In order to maximize profits and remain competitive in today’s market, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must find new and creative ways to save money, while increasing productivity. One of the simplest ways of achieving this goal is not new, and has likely been a part of your office environment and routine for quite some time: document scanning.

Rather than thinking about scanning in terms of a few documents or images here and there, it’s time to rethink how you look at this valuable piece of office equipment, and all of the ways it can help to improve a number of vital work and document processes. Improve the way you manage your document environment with the following scanning tips:
Scan To Email
Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers have a built-in scan to email feature that allows users to scan documents and send them as email attachments to a designated email address. The recipient may then view and save the document, using industry protocols such as Secure PDF to prevent your information from falling in to the wrong hands.
Practice Safety
Protect your data with security solutions from Xerox including:

End-to-end scan and print encryption
Password protected PDF encryption
Data encryption for scan to email

Scan on the Go
Break free from the confines of your office, with the Xerox Mobile Link App which allows the user to scan or fax documents from a tablet or phone, when you connect through a Xerox-ConnectKey enabled printer. The app also enables you to scan documents to the cloud, or send them to the printer to further enhance mobility.
Scan Daily
Scanning can help complete a number of everyday processes, and with your Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFP, you can use the integrated scanning tools to enhance productivity, security, and cost saving […]

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Surprising Benefits of Managed Print

A Managed Print Services provider can help design and maintain a print environment for your company. While this service is a convenient way to handle your printers, it also has a variety of benefits for your company which may surprise you.

Increased Productivity

How much time do your employees lose when a printer goes down? A printer problem can quickly eat hours or even days, during which your company can’t operate at peak performance. An MPS provider can reorder supplies and perform preventative maintenance to deal with most problems proactively. This means more uptime for your printers, and increased productivity for your business.

Better Security

A network printer can be a major vulnerability if not protected, allowing hackers to break into your system. Managed Print providers can handle your print security issues, keeping equipment up-to-date and addressing any issues before your data is compromised.

Let Your IT Team Do Their Jobs

IT professionals are not trained in print, but many times print problems fall to your in-house IT team, pulling them away from critical tasks such as network security, software updates, and computer issues. MPS allows your IT team to devote their time to the tasks they should be spending their time on, rather than toner replacement and paper jams.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing the management of your print fleet to a Managed Print Services provider can save you money. Some examples include:

Efficient print environment design can reduce waste. This can include a reduction in paper, toner, and other supplies, as well as maximizing the usage of your printers.
Preventative equipment maintenance reduces the risk of an unexpected print outage that could cost your business.
Fixed monthly billing helps you budget for your print expenses. This can include supplies, consults, and regular […]

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Are Your Workflows Efficient or Do They Slow You Down?

Workflow is the buzzword of the day: workflow optimization, document management workflows, automating workflows…but the truth is, many businesses do need to improve their workflows in order to grow and thrive in today’s competitive market.

Workflow means different things to different businesses. For some it may be a document management system, for others optimization of an assembly line. Let’s use a workflow common to every business as an example: Accounts Payable. Here’s how automation can improve efficiency.


XYZ is a local coffee house with three locations in the city. They sell a lot of coffee, pastries and snacks, but still process AP manually in the head office. The CFO spends most of his day bogged down with paper. He’s got an MBA and plenty of ideas about how to grow the business, but managing all that paper is wasting time that could be better spent on core business initiatives.

The Current AP Process:

All AP documents (delivery invoices, receipts etc.) for each location must be sent to corporate. Right now the process is:

Invoice is scanned at location
Emailed to corporate
Finance prints it out
Completes and enters the information into the system
Re-scans the invoice as a pdf
Saves a copy for records
Pays the vendor
Manually enters the transaction into the books

Too many complex, time consuming steps. Not only that, this process opens XYZ up to risks of human error and security breach. If an error is made the process must start over. An invoice left in the scanner can put confidential vendor information at risk.

Improve the Process

With a simple automated AP solution the process can be streamlined to save time, money and reduce risks.

Invoice is scanned at location directly into AP workflow
Invoice is digitally […]

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The Value that Managed Print Services Offers to Non-Profit Organizations

Most non-profit organizations have a high demand for printing, but also a need to operate within a budget. The typical non-profit uses several different printing devices spread throughout its departments from various manufacturers and has very little control over printing costs as a result. In addition, many of these printers are out-of-date and highly inefficient, which leads to printer downtime, loss in productivity and expensive repairs.

Fortunately, non-profit organizations can overcome the challenges presented with printing by partnering with a Managed Print Services provider. Managed Print Services can help your non-profit organization to get the most from its print technology, streamline workflows, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Here are some ways that Managed Print Services can benefit your non-profit organization:

Cost Savings

A Managed Print Services provider will conduct a print assessment to evaluate your current state and provide you with a fact-based report with your actual printing costs, volumes and behaviors. This report will identify opportunities to reduce printing costs and help you to optimize your printing environment to increase efficiency.

Predictable Printing Costs

Since Managed Print Services offers control over printing costs, non-profit organizations benefit from having a predictable budget. This predictability in printing costs is especially important for non-profit organizations that are already operating with tight budgets. Another way that Managed Print Services can help you control printing costs is by serving as one central contact for all print-related consumables.

Proactive Maintenance

By proactively maintaining your fleet of printers, a Managed Print Services provider will ensure print equipment runs smoothly and efficiently, meaning that funds typically allocated to maintenance and repairs can be utilized in other areas of need.

Digitalization of Documents

Many non-profit organizations still rely heavily on paper processes, which are highly inefficient and create the potential for loss. An MPS provider […]

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3 Core Ways That Your Business Will Benefit From Document Management

Many businesses are still relying on paper-intensive processes despite living in the digital age. However, as companies grow, so does the pile of paperwork, which can hamper workflows and productivity. Heavy reliance on paper can lead to storage and retrieval issues, increased costs and inefficient collaboration between team members.

Transitioning to an electronic document management system will help free your business from these challenges and give you a competitive edge. By managing all of your documents from one central location, your business will realize immediate benefits.

Here are three core ways that your business will benefit from document management:

1. Boosts productivity.

When your team can focus more on the business and less on paperwork, you’ll have a more productive workplace. An electronic document management system can give business owners an overview of how processes are working (or not…) in each department, allowing them to pinpoint areas that need improvement. Being able to store documents electronically saves your employees the time and headache of having to track down paper files.

2. Contributes to business continuity.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, which means that your business needs to have an effective backup and recovery strategy. Transitioning to an electronic document management system will provide your business with the peace of mind that critical information is being automatically updated and securely stored.

3. Improves collaboration.

Electronic document management allows for easy document sharing and collaboration for your employees. A live audit trail allows businesses to track who has viewed the document or made modifications to it. Because document management allows documents to be accessed from mobile devices, employees benefit from stress-free retrieval and the ability to continue working while out of the office. The ease of being able to collaborate with customers, […]

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3 Things to Ask Before Hiring a MPS Provider

Did you know that almost 90% of businesses don’t know what they spend on printing? A Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can help you gain the insight you need to not only save money, they can help improve your productivity and free up your IT staff. Choosing the right provider is imperative to a long and beneficial partnership. Here are some questions to ask to help you choose the best MPS provider for your business.
What types of analytics are used? – By taking stock of your print environment, you can better understand where your time and money is going. Your provider should provide easy to understand reports that help you see how Managed Print Services is benefiting your business.

Can you integrate your solutions with my current infrastructure? – You’ve already invested so much into your current print environment. You want an MPS provider who can work with what you have, adding only the new equipment that you need and want. If you rely on certain software, mobile computing and applications, you want to make sure your provider can work with them and still provide beneficial services.

What services do you offer? – Managed Print Services can offer a wide range of services, from restructuring and managing your printers to helping digitize your documents and workflows. Be sure to ask about:

Security and maintenance
Environmentally sound practices
Mobile solutions
Digitized workflows

These services can help future-proof your business, and show the ability of the provider to grow alongside your changing needs.

How is your track record? – An MPS provider that provides good services to its customers will be readily willing and able to provide references. Look at businesses similar to your own to see how well the MPS provider has served […]

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Thinking of a New Copier? How to Know if Leasing or Buying is the Right Choice.

Whenever you need to obtain new office equipment, big decisions need to be made. Choosing the brand and model is just the beginning. How are you going to pay for this new device? Is leasing a better option than purchasing? Here are a few things to consider when making your choice:
Typically, leasing costs more than buying outright, and when you lease there is no return on the investment.  However, leasing allows companies who might not have the funds to purchase the opportunity to acquire more sophisticated technology than they otherwise would able to afford. Buying a copier is often less expensive, and when it is time to replace it you can often resell it and recoup some of your invested money.
Buying a copier means that when your needs change, you can sell it and replace it with a new one. However, in practice, many offices do not make upgrades frequently and continue to use their devices even though the technology has become outdated. Leasing allows you to stay up to date with the rapidly advancing technology with a minimum of hassle. This means getting the most efficient machines with lower energy costs to boost productivity and reduce overall expenses.
Purchasing may require financing, which as a result could  tie up your cash flow in the short term, making it a challenge to finance other expenses. You also may find that when you want to resell the device, it may not hold the same value that it once did. With predetermined lease payments, you’ll have a predictable expense which can help with budgeting. However, if you decide that you no longer need the equipment, you may find (depending upon the terms of your lease), that you may still have to continue to make payments for the lease period even if you […]

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