Technology is evolving at break-neck speed these days. As a result, devices like smartphones and tablets need to be updated from time to time as new features and security patches become available. The same holds true for your print driver; as your other software products and operating systems are updated, print drivers can become either corrupted or outdated. To keep your printer running efficiently, your print driver will need to be updated on occasion.

The print driver plays an important role. It’s job is to translate data between your applications and your hardware device. Whenever you send a document to your printer it’s the driver’s responsibility to convert that data into printable information that can then be output by your device.

If you are running into these issues, it may be time to update your printer’s driver:

  • Missing Print Jobs – The documents may not be properly translated by the driver to send to the printer.
  • Poor Print Quality – Letters and images may become blurred or printing is out of alignment.
  • Unreliable Connection – The network connection to the printer may turn off intermittently without warning.
  • Unresponsive Printer – If your printer doesn’t respond to your print requests, it could be time to update your driver.

You can find the latest driver updates on the manufacturer’s website with installation instructions. Carefully check the list of updates available for your specific make and model. Once you’ve installed the update, be sure to test-print documents from different printers and applications to ensure it has solved any existing issues.

Keep your printed documents looking their best by keeping your print drivers current.