Technology evolves at such a rapid pace, that it can be hard to keep up at times. When it comes to your business, however, it’s important to stay on top of the latest tech trends in order to remain competitive.

Top 6 Tech Trends 

  1. User-centric mobile solutionsSmartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are taking over as the number one means of communication and information outside of the office. In 2015, you’ll see a shift within the industry, with the focus moving from the devices themselves, to an enhanced experience, and environmental diversity for the end user.
  2. The Internet of Things: The IoT refers to a scenario in which ordinary objects are made extraordinary, through network connectivity, allowing for the transfer of data without human interference. Expect to see this technology embedded in more places than ever before.
  3. Analytics: Analyzing data or statistics will become even bigger business, thanks to the proliferation of the IoT. Massive data pools will need to be analyzed, and each application will need to include an analytic application. The big question is what organizations will choose to do with this information.
  4. Increased securityMobile and personal devices, and the digital realm, make it impossible to provide a completely secure environment, but you can expect solutions to move from the perimeter to a more multi-dimensional approach, where protection is built directly into the applications themselves.
  5. Smart machines: Smart machines are capable of self-learning and responding, and in 2015 this technology will continue to evolve. Experts predict this trend will become the most troublesome, in the history of IT.
  6. The cloud connection: As more users turn to the cloud to store and share data, applications will evolve to meet the demand, and support simultaneous use on multiple devices.

2015 has already proven itself to be a year of change, with much more to come.  If you would like more information on how the latest office technology can help you improve your business, why not contact us for a free, no-obligation print environment assessment?