Chances are you’ve implemented a number of green initiatives at your workplace, but are you really doing all you can? Making an effort to conserve energy, recycle and raise awareness about environmental responsibility are all important steps which can yield long lasting results – but don’t stop there! Your print environment holds the key to further savings, both financially and environmentally, and Managed Print Services (MPS) can help you uncover them!

5 Steps to a Greener Business

Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider is the best way to ensure you’re getting the most from your print environment while minimizing your impact on the environment. Take the following steps with MPS and improve your bottom line while making your business a whole lot greener:

  • Comprehensive print assessmentEstablishing your print metrics allows your MPS provider to determine what is, and what isn’t working in your current print environment. Everything from energy usage, to the number and types of printers are accounted for making it easier to identify areas of waste, while highlighting those with the greatest efficiency.
  • Optimize your print fleet: Consolidating devices, retiring obsolete print equipment, getting rid of underutilized machines and upgrading where necessary to newer and more energy efficient technology can help you to maximize your print fleet, while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Decrease output: Installing affordable, secure, reliable print equipment helps to eliminate unnecessary output, saving both your budget and the environment.
  • Consume less: Create and enforce a series of print rules according to end user or department, and educate employees on the financial and environmental impacts of printing. Measures such as double sided only printing, black and white only, and routing emails to PDF format can significantly reduce the consumption of materials like toner and paper and cut down on energy usage.
  • Go paperless: Considering the fact that close to 30 percent of print jobs are never retrieved by the end user, it makes sense to establish electronic systems that reduce or eliminate the need for paper, while simplifying the way your employees communicate. Scanning documents to the cloud is a secure, efficient alternative to printing which makes them easily accessible, enhances collaboration and reduces your dependency on paper.

Uncover hidden print costs, and discover ways to make your office more eco-friendly, starting with a complimentary print assessment from a Managed Print Services Provider.

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