You’ve been there. The big project deadline is coming up and you’ve got a list of tasks that need to get accomplished. But you just aren’t feeling it. Maybe you’re lacking the mental focus or energy, or you get started only to find distractions around every corner…

We all procrastinate sometimes. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to break out of it and get the job done on time! Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

• Find Your Flow – Knowing your peak work times and how you work best can stop procrastination in its tracks. Working when you’re naturally most productive and focused is the best way to get it done. Knowing your peak periods is the best way to find your flow. Don’t set meetings and avoid distractions during your peak productive periods. Stay in your flow and you’ll get the job done!

• Don’t Multitask! – It’s hard to do two things at once, and switching your brain on and off of a task is mentally exhausting. The best approach is to break big jobs down into smaller manageable tasks. Pick one, and work on it from start to finish without interruptions or distractions. Focus on each small task instead on the overall project.

• Develop Routines and Practice Discipline – Sometimes work can get overwhelming, especially with a big deadline looming. To avoid procrastination, develop healthy routines and practice discipline. Manage you time and don’t be afraid to delegate. When you do, make sure to follow up!

• Make Boring Tasks Fun – If you’re creative, sometimes small tasks can seem repetitive or boring, but they need to get done! Try setting a time limit for each task and then try to beat it. When you do, reward yourself.

• Pick Your Top Three Daily Priorities – Choose your top three tasks each day and put them at the top of your to do list. By prioritizing and placing tasks at the top of the list, you’ll get them done first each day.

Procrastination can be beat! Start with these tips and add some time management and you can eliminate it from your day. Remember to delegate when you can and prioritize. Break big jobs down into smaller tasks and focus. In the end, you’ll find yourself getting more done than you ever thought you could!