Paper is widely used in nearly every business process, including invoicing, correspondence, and records management—and while usage is common and convenient, it’s also inefficient. During document retrieval, antiquated or inadequate filing practices can lead to lost time, revenue, and frustration, but there is a solution: document scanning.

What is Document Scanning?

Scanning technology is nothing new, having been invented in the late 1950s, although not accessible or affordable to the average business until decades later. Once used primarily for photographs, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software transforms ordinary text documents in to searchable images, changing the face of document storage and allowing users to quickly and easily search for keywords to locate information, saving time and money.

The Benefits of Document Scanning

  1. Enhanced customer service. Locate information efficiently, searching by invoice number, customer name, or other criteria, for a better customer experience.
  2. Cost savings. Time is money, and minutes, or hours wasted searching for lost or misfiled documents can add up quickly. When employees can locate the information they need with the touch of a button, time saved can be directed towards more important tasks.
  3. Ease of collaboration. Multiple users can access the same document simultaneously, enhancing collaboration and saving time wasted waiting for paper documents to circulate from one colleague to the other.
  4. Frees up space. Paper, copy equipment, consumables, file cabinets, bankers boxes, and other materials relating to document production and storage, occupy valuable real estate in your office. By converting documents to digital images and storing original copies in a secure, offsite location, you can make the most of office space and use it to grow your business.
  5. Regulatory compliance. Depending on your industry, compliance standards may require you to retain certain documents in digital form, in addition to physical copies.
  6. Increased security. Paper documents can be stolen, lost, misfiled, damaged or destroyed during a flood or fire, or become worn, torn or dog-eared over time. Protect paper files by placing them in a secure, dedicated, storage facility while storing digital copies and backups in the cloud, using enhanced data encryption and secure servers.

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